A Happy New Year to You from Japan!!

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   Participants of Third World Party Convention                      Online Conference


      Hiking after the Convention.                                                I visited Lumbini

I wish you will enjoy this year and will be more and more prosperous.

In 2019, I visited Nepal to participate in the Third World Party Convention. About 20 people from Bangladesh, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand participated.  In the online conferecne, following 5 people participated:

Mr. Andreas Bummel. Andreas Bummel. UNPA Campaign.

Mr. Rasmus Tenbergen. Rasmus Tenbergen. World Parliament Experiment.

Dr. Glen Martin. Dr. Glen Martin. The World Parliament.

Mr. Etienne R. Bowie. Mr. Etienne R. Bowie. Democratic World Federalists.

Mr. Adamo Eng. Mr. Adamo Eng. Esperanto in 12 days.

After the Convention, I visited Lumbini,  birth place of Buddha.

We promoted mutual understanding.  Our next work is to visit a country where a member of World Party stands for election. Some members of World Party from other countriews will visit the candidate's country and speak for him.

My lifework is to make the World Federation a common sense.

Toshio Suzuki

WEBSITE: World Citizen Site